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Sonny and chad dating

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When they are rejected by everyone in the school, they start expressing their feelings through song. She, shaking her head, says, "Apparently the only high school they know is the musical one." Begrudgingly, Sonny leads a choreographed number straight out of High School Musical.

sonny and chad dating-49

Their epic first season should have nabbed a few Emmys, while the second season, although not as strong overall, showed at least once an episode that the show was just as cutting edge as it was in the past. Let's take this opportunity to honor some of the best moments the show has given us as a way of saying thank you to Demi, Tiffany, Sterling and company for two seasons of pure joy. , the show-within-a-show on Sonny With a Chance, are flat and uninspired, an opportunity for lowbrow humor before we get to the real show.) and formats (sketch comedy), but Demi leaving is the final nail in the coffin.No one watches the show for the sketches, and without Demi, the show will be missing a vital ingredient that made it a success in the first place.With the recent news that Demi Lovato is leaving Sonny With a Chance to focus on her music career, I think it's time to bid a proper adieu to the beloved Disney show.The show had already announced that it was changing names (So Random!Of course, their original mission interrupts any further attempt at exploring feelings, but it's still a total squee-worthy moment. You're banned."The rivalry between tween heartthrob Chad Dylan Cooper and his more widely-popular foe Zac Efron made for some of the best in-jokes on the show, especially since Sterling Knight is friends with Efron in real life.

Another reason this scene is amazing: I believe it's the first time we hear Chad's infamous sign-off "Peace out, suckas! CDC may be the greatest actor of his generation but the popularity of Efron is something he will always be trying to achieve.

Sterling Knight and Tiffany Thornton will have no one to bounce their insanity off of and it will be a total mess.

But instead of dwelling on the negative, I want to celebrate this fabulous show.

But during a special holiday-themed episode filled with So Random! The ladies had previously done this sketch earlier in the season, and it turned out surprisingly well, but adding Sterling Knight as a guido Prince Charming proved to be the missing ingredient that pushed this sketch over the top. Sterling and Tiffany were rarely afforded the chance to work together, but whenever they did, they immediately clicked.

How can you not immediately love a sketch that features the SWAC cast parodying Jersey Shore, Demi/Sonny screeching "What am I, an animal?! My favorite moment between them is when they are discussing Sonny's upcoming date with a former flame of Tawni's, mainly because of this awesome exchange: One of the reasons I loved Sonny With a Chance so much was because of its fearless ability to comment on the conventions of tweenage celebrity and the culture that goes with it.

Sonny has just done an interview where, inadvertently, she goes all "diva crazy" on Chad. Sonny enlists Tawni to cover her while she goes to speak to Chad.