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But when threatening posts begin appearing, Ali finds out that running a blog is far more up-close and personal than sitting behind a news desk. Suddenly something dark and deadly is swirling around her life . One afternoon my favorite Tucson newscaster, Patti Weiss, was MIA from the afternoon news.

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When the father died in the course of a prisoner of war exchange, his widow and two daughters were left stranded in war-torn Europe as displaced persons.When it comes to remodeling projects, I happen know whereof I speak.JAJ Pulled naked and barely breathing from the fire, the victim has no idea who she is, let alone who would do this to her—or why.And that's when ex-newscaster Ali Reynolds appeared on my fictional horizon.JAJ The highway from Los Angeles to the Palm Springs desert is parched, unforgiving, and deadly.But her cheating husband is in a hurry for a divorce, and the television network who wrongfully dismissed Ali for the sole sin of being over forty will face her in court as well. As she passes the site of a horrifying accident, she thanks goodness it's no longer her job to report the news. For the victim is Ali's cheating husband, and soon she'll find herself the prime suspect at the center of a terrifying web of evil. JAJ With his hand trapped in the door of a speeding car, a man struggles to remain upright as he's dragged along a deserted stretch of San Juan Road in Phoenix's South Mountain Preserve.

Sometimes the secrets that emerge AFTER a divorce are far more devastating than the ones that come to light BEFORE the divorce. It's the perfect place to drive a man to his grave -- literally.

The scholarship program Ali is pulled into administering in this book is here because scholarships change lives.

Ex–television journalist Ali Reynolds just wants a break from excitement to remodel her new home.

When he is viciously murdered, the women he once victimized are considered suspects.

The police soon focus their investigation on Brenda, who is already known to have broken into Richard’s home and computer before vanishing without a trace.

However, when Brenda Riley, a colleague from Ali’s old news broadcasting days in California, shows up in town with an alcohol problem and an unlikely story about a missing fiancé, Ali reluctantly agrees to help.