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Speed dating copenhagen

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This time it's Tableau Speed Dating and seeing how Prayson Daniel created his Danish Parliement Viz.

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In addition, we developed a web app for smartphones to provide sales personnel in the field with product information.Join us, invest your time, build relations and network, create opportunities, have a beer and gain new knowledge, all while meeting like-minded entreprenuers.Over the years we have developed campaigns for clients which are leading in their field. If you want to know more about how we can solve similar tasks for you, please contact us. The spot promoted an SMS competition, which was able to activate and register all participants through a mobile optimized web app. With the new brewpub, part of To Øl is coming back home. We’ve travelled the world to produce ever evolving and inspired beer.Weed out arguments referring to ‘the way the system works’, the lack of funding, the way politicians act and the professions knowing better.

What is the core elements in a truly new approach to health?

You have an entrepreneurial mindset and would like to expand and nurture your professional network within this area of expertise.

You will gain new perspectives on your challenges in discussions, have an opportunity to meet experts in Health Tech and have the opportunity to hear speakers about the exciting new trends, opportunities and challenges ahead.

This has to change, if we are to succeed with a transformation towards a sustainable health system.

The questions we want to explore are: · How to strengthen a dialogue between technology developers and health care professionals, that will grow a new breed of welfare entrepreneurs?

Result: Oi STER tested a new medium achieving conversion rates beyond expectations.