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Speed dating film 2016

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The Speed Dating Tour isn’t speed dating in its traditional sense.

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In other words, if you want to know, you got to go.Insider talked with film curator Dean Otto and academic and docent programs manager Shannon Karol about the programs.Most people have two favorite movies — the high-brow meaningful piece of art they mention at cocktail parties, and the trashier or low-brow pick they talk about with their pals.Given Oldham’s music and his quirky aesthetic, it’s hard not to get excited, wondering what movie he will present.We have to wonder, because we won’t know in advance.“We do not tell the audience what film is selected until they are there that evening,” says Otto.The pool of eligible bachelors at the Speed is hopefully a little better, or at least better curated.“We have a blacksmith who will be one of our eligible bachelors, as well as the Duke of Luxembourg,” says Karol.

She adds the Speed Dating Tour grew out of a similar activity in docent training.

“One of the works of art we’ll be playing matchmaker with is our Rembrandt, ‘Portrait of a Forty-Year-Old Woman,’” explains Karol.

Patrons on the tour will be asked to help create a dating profile for each painting, just like you might help a newly single friend who doesn’t know how to use OK Cupid.

The Defenders gives a Louisville celebrity the opportunity to share his or her guilty pleasure favorite with a theater full of people, and afterward, defend it to the crowd and take questions.

This week’s Defender is Will Oldham, Bonnie “Prince” Billy himself.

“But then we’ll dive a little deeper into gesture and emotion and ask how are their thoughts and emotions a match for somebody else in the collection.”So if you were hoping for a renaissance in your love life, look elsewhere, but if you are looking to fall in love with art, this is the tour for you.