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This is a line of sight measurement outside without walls.

Unfortunately, it is missing what many parents consider to be a necessity, the two-way communication feature so you can soothe baby from another room.However, we aren't convinced this feature is a necessity and think many parents never use it or use it rarely after the novelty wears off.Some new parents would rather head to baby's room than mess with chatting bay up from another space.The sections outlined below offer additional details on how the DECT SCD501/10 performed during testing for each metric.The results from testing were used to determine the overall score with weighting toward sound clarity and ease of use.However, the sound filtering option isn't the best and we were able to hear the fan in baby's room through the parent monitor when the fan was on the highest setting.

Easy to use often goes hand in hand with few features, something true of this product.

Th parent unit for this monitor has a maximum volume of 101 decibels.

At this volume, the sound is crisp, clear and bright.

With only a power button and volume adjustments, there is almost no way to make a mistake or press the wrong options in the middle of the night.

Setup is also easy with a less than one minute process that includes unboxing, plugging in, and turning it on.

Their first product was incandescent lamps and small electrical products.