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I particularly recall 762 being missing for a long period and have since ascertained from archive records that it was taken out of service in November 1948 and reappeared the following March after overhaul!

Whilst not looking as smart as the original scheme of green with three cream bands, black wheels and silver roof, the vehicle in the picture belies its age, especially as it is one of the first batch.When SELNEC eventually withdrew the remaining vehicles a bit of the post war character of the twin cities went with them.Having suffered these buses on the joint service 95/96 for many years I certainly wouldn’t be able to describe the way they were driven as ‘spirited.Victoria bus station shown here was in Salford but long-distance services terminating there showed "Manchester" as their destination!The only local destination which Salford City Transport buses could not show was "Salford".Another trick was to load the bus at the first few stops so that the three bells code was given and, in rush hours, the crews would have an easy time with few stops, few fares to collect after the first trip around the bus and they could still dawdle as they had to keep to timings, yet could legitimately drive in a stately fashion past lines waiting for a bus with room.

These Daimlers look decidedly odd with their short radiators, something I never was aware of until today.

Salfords Daimlers were the slowest buses on Kingsway, Manchester by far, even slower than Birchfield Rd’s Crossleys.

I well remember the groans that went up at my bus stop on Kingsway when one of these appeared over the crest of the hill at East Didsbury.

"Pushing" was a common practice where routes were jointly operated, some crews becoming adept at the practice.

As long as the joint operation was on an equal shared income basis the practice, though officially frowned on, did not work to the financial detriment of the employers of the "lazy" crew.

To me, they – and the spirited manner in which they were usually driven – were the very essence of Salford.