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It also states that comprehensive sexuality education for adolescents and youth is a priority area that needs attention.

However, a research conducted by Goonesekere and Amarasuriya mentions that during the days of the conflict, early marriage has been adopted as a mechanism to safeguard girls and boys against conscription by the LTTE.We call on the government to take all necessary steps to guarantee that the rule of law is upheld, that Sri Lanka’s obligations at national and international levels on the rights of women and children are adhered to, and that perpetrators are brought to justice.Below we produce the statement in full; Over the last few months, there has been a spate of media reports on incidents of violence against women and children. Ajith Rohana has stated that over the past 6 months over 900 such incidents have been reported of which at least 700 incidents are related to sexual abuse of girls.Amid issues such as teenage pregnancies, sexual harassment, child abuse and other crimes increasing, many civil society groups have been instrumental in raising their voices against them. “So far we have set up 39 centres countrywide but our aim is to have such centres at all hospitals.However, over the recent past there have been several instances where women and children have been subjected to the devastating consequences of violence. It is also necessary for the staff to be properly trained to empathise with the victims.Should we not acknowledge that there are many men who fulfill their familial obligations and are not abusers of their children and women?

It is a matter of shame that a society and culture which upholds the concept ‘mother is the Buddha in the home’ is in fact a society in which perpetrators of heinous crimes against women and children can live with little fear of the law.

We ask, surely, the responsibility to ensure the safety of children and women does not lie only in the hands of parents?

Surely, in a civilized society, the responsibility lies categorically on all members of a society, but especially on those who are appointed and tasked with ensuring protection and security.

We ask, does this imply then that perpetrators of these horrendous crimes are absolved of any ‘blame’?

Or, does this mean that parents should refrain from going out of the house to be to earn an income for the family?

In a situation where sexual harassment and violence is on the rise, we need to encourage the staff to build their capacity to be empathetic when handling these victims.” The event was also followed by the launch of the country profile on Universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights.