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Standard deviation radiocarbon dating

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Water: the economic engine of society and social development.. S, Maideyi M, , Hodson M., Lopologang M., Mashauri, D, Dominic M.

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Managing change and opportunities in the economic boom:: Assessing the readiness of African Markets to cash in on the troubles of Europe and the West: A perspective from SADC entrepreneurs.. Poster presentation at the 9th Joint Natural Products Conference, 24-27 July Copenhagen, Denmark. Commercializing Traditional Knowledge: Regulating Access and Benefit-Sharing in Namibia. Vexierbild Vergangenheit: Bernhard Jaumanns Namibia-Krimi „Die Stunde des Schakals“. (Eds.), (2015): Bernhard Jaumann: Tatorte und Schreibräume – Spurensicherung. Macroeconomic determinants of commercial banks’ liquidity in Namibia. Autumn International Scientific Conference on Food Safety and Security (FSa S), Abstract proceedings, 16-, Johannesburg, South Africa. (Eds.), (2016): Cultural Tourism in Southern Africa.

A Brief History of Forced Relocations from Sarusungu and Magarangandja in Rundu. (Eds.), (2016): Resistance along the banks of the Kavango River.

Barriers that prevent health science students from donating blood in an African setting..

Examining the Relationship between Term Structure of Interest Rates and Economic Activity in Namibia. International Journal of Economics and Financial Research, 2(9).

(Eds.), (2016): The Urban Housing Crisis in Namibia: Exploring a Youth Perspective.

Tackling the Preservation of African Tales in the Technological era: Ghana’s Legends.

Determining the Feasibility of Free Space Optical Communication in Namibia..