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Sue bird and diana taurasi dating

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I always view the recruiting process in two-year cycles as a small recruiting class in one year is almost always followed by a monster class so stay tuned.

Well, Friday will mark the one-year anniversary of Megan Walker, the top-ranked player in her class, announcing her commitment to play at UConn.She later was drafted to Minnesota Lynx where on her first season, the team became champions in 2013.She was also the member of the United States team in the 2003 Pan American Games where she won the silver medal.After Janel Lynx have one the most envious benchers in the league. “Going from being a starter to a bench player, or a role player, it’s a little different. She plays for the Kayseri AGU sports team in the Turkish League in the winter.I try to have as much fun as possible and keep my energy high and voice my opinion for what I see (while) sitting there. She couldn’t play for the Lynx in WNBA 2015 because of her back pain, but she will be playing in 2016.However, with the early signing period underway, UConn doesn't have a commitment after Charli Collier decommitted from UConn and is set to be a headliner in the Texas recruiting class. 4 by Prospects Nation, will announce whether she will commit to UConn or South Carolina on Friday. I reached out to Nelson-Ododa's high school coach and Kimberly Garren said, "there has not been a date set yet, but we will be doing something at school when she does." This time of the year is always an interesting one.

I don't anticipate it being that way for much longer. College coaches are prohibited from commenting due to NCAA regulations, players have answered the same old recruiting questions enough so while I do have Williams' contact information from an interview I did with her over the summer, she's got enough to deal with right now than a call from me.

PHOENIX -- Diana Taurasi has played much of her basketball in extreme climates.

Summers in Phoenix, which at its hottest can sap anyone's strength.

Winters in Russia, which at its coldest can drain anyone's willpower."You could even say that started in Connecticut," Taurasi said of the significantly chillier place she went to college after growing up in the sunny Los Angeles suburb of Chino, California.

"It does affect your mentality, your everyday life, and it changes your personality a little bit."Yet Taurasi has a love for all the places she has played, learning to deal well with their extremes.

Plus, we don't know how much more she makes of endorsements and sponsorships.