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Tang wei dating

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China makes dozens of propaganda films every year, but most of them fail to make a ripple beyond China's borders, and are met with indifference by the broader audience even within China.But The Founding of a Republic transformed the Chinese propaganda movie in that it was of higher quality than the usual fare.

Tang's character is torn between her sense of patriotism and her feelings for the anti-hero, a collaborator with the Japanese.It is possible that Mao Xinyu did not wish any links between his grandfather and an actress who shot to fame on the strength of her performance in a movie which contained considerable nudity and violent sex.A couple of years ago, the family of the Chinese opera star Mei Lanfang also brought considerable pressure to bear on the makers of the Forever Enthralled biopic."Beautifying Japanese collaborators sparked the controversy over 'Lust, Caution' in China even more than the sex scenes did," it said.Nevertheless, there was no sign of any similar ban against Lee himself or against Tony Leung, the established Hong Kong actor who played the collaborator."We will do everything we can to support her in this difficult time." Lee himself toes a delicate line on the mainland.

Though based in the United States, he is a Taiwan citizen, which in the eyes of Beijing makes him officially "one of theirs".

The Founding of a Party is expected to make major waves at the Chinese box office after the huge success of The Founding of a Republic, an epic tribute to the 1949 revolution, which was the top-performing Chinese movies two years ago.

It's also a high-profile blast of nationalism at a time when the Chinese film business is booming, taking in £930m at the box office last year.

The role of the young Mao is played by the heartthrob Liu Ye, and the film is part of the Communist Party's efforts to present a modern image. His face adorns every banknote and his portrait looms over Beijing's Tiananmen Square.

The past few years have been a rollercoaster ride for Ms Tang, who was purged in 2007 for her erotic role as the lover of a collaborator in Japanese-occupied Shanghai in Lust, Caution.

Ms Tang played Tao Yi, an early girlfriend of Mao's, in the movie, which was made to mark this year's 90th anniversary of the Communist Party's foundation. Ms Tang was still in a version of the film that has been shown to various industry figures in recent weeks, but sources who asked to remain anonymous said it looked pretty certain that she has since been dropped because of objections by the Great Helmsman's grandson, Mao Xinyu, a Major-General in the People's Liberation Army. The film director He Ping wrote on his blog: "There was a little girl acting in the film, but her part was all deleted," referring to Ms Tang..