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Ted danson and whoopi dating

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“If you can’t see the humor at a place where there’s supposed to be over-the-line jokes, then there’s something really wrong,” she told the .

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Friars Club Roast in blackface and performed a raunchy, n-word filled routine that offended many in attendance.Midway through the show's long run, co-star Shelley Long left to pursue a film career (which seems to have gotten away), and she was replaced by Kirstie Alley.Danson, meanwhile, won two Emmys and two Golden Globes for his Cheers work.In his film debut, he portrayed a bagpipe-playing cop in The Onion Field.In 1979, his second wife, Casey Coates-Danson, suffered a stroke while giving birth to their first child, and Danson abandoned his burgeoning career for six months to care for her.Actress Julianne Hough has been subjected to widespread criticism for darkening her skin to portray an character for Halloween, the Utah Jazz have been similarly assailed for tweeting a picture of a white fan painted to look like Karl Malone and a racially insensitive blackface Trayvon Martin costume has been making the rounds on social media.

Do you think blackface is here to stay or will people ever give it a rest for good?

Behind black greasepaint and huge puffy white lips, Danson delivered a risqu monologue (written by Goldberg) that angered some guests.

Since 1995, Danson has been married to actress Mary Steenburgen, and in 1996 they starred together in Ink, a short-lived TV series set at a newspaper.

As a young actor, Danson did the usual auditions for commercials and soap operas, and met his first wife at one of weirdo Werner Erhard's EST seminars.

Danson was "the Aramis Man" in ads, and in the mid-1970s he appeared on the daytime drama Somerset with Sigourney Weaver and Jo Beth Williams.

Their relationship ended not long after the controversy subsided.