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Temptation dating

It makes people more satisfied with their relationship and less likely to let it dissolve.After all, if your partner really is that great, you aren’t going to want to go out with someone else. People in relationships also tend to look for the bad sides of attractive alternatives.

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This research found that those in relationships who chose to look at attractive alternatives for shorter amounts of time had higher levels of relationship satisfaction, commitment, adjustment, and investment in their relationship than those who looked longer.There is always some temptation…some attractive alternative.Of course, attractive people live in every city and season.For example, when we are in a committed relationship, we tend to view our partners with a rosy glow.Think of the last time you listened to your friend prattle on about the great qualities of his or her partner while thinking, “Really, he/she isn’t that great.” You’ve probably done the same thing when in a relationship.Resisting attractive alternatives is one of the biggest challenges to any relationship.

Let’s face it, even the best relationships have their good times and bad.

A common instance of this saying occurs in romantic relationships.

In most relationships, each one of us has come across temptation in one form or another.

Relationships ebb and flow, and there will always be temptation, so why do people sometimes resist and at other times fall prey?

Much research has been done to investigate this question, and it turns out there are things in our relationships that help us resist these temptations.

When things aren’t going so well, that good-looking cashier you chat with in the grocery store line suddenly seems flirtatious and interested, or you suddenly notice that hottie in the lunchroom.