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If the DNC followed through on this plan — attempting to expose Sanders as an atheist in order to discredit him with Christian, especially Southern Baptist, voters — it would represent a big departure from the DNC’s neutral role.The Russian government was responsible for the recent attacks on the DNC, according to security firms that spoke to the Washington Post.Foer is suggesting here that the Russian government leaked the emails to Wiki Leaks as part of a broader scheme to get Donald Trump elected president.It's hardly unusual for presidents to appoint big donors to government positions, but ordinarily they maintain a shred of deniability about the nature of the transaction.So having the process laid bare could prove awkward for Democrats.Perhaps as important as the emails' content is who may have leaked them.

The leak is believed to be the fruit of a network intrusion discovered last month by the DNC.

A number of security researchers who have examined the evidence believe the attack was linked to the Russian government.

That raises the possibility that a foreign government is trying to manipulate the US election.

The emails show some evidence of unseemly behavior by Democratic Party officials and at least one case where DNC officials discussed trying to undermine the Sanders.

That has reopened a long-running debate about whether the DNC — which is supposed to be neutral during a primary campaign — was too favorable toward Hillary Clinton.

One email, for example, contained an attached image with a picture of a $150,000 check.