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Tfs workspace not updating

In this post I will show you how you can create an activity to increase the version in the Assembly Info file.

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Annoyed that the TFS Source Control explorer is slow?Changeset 1 is a special changeset on your Team Foundation Server instance.It was created as part of the setup routine and only contains one thing - the root node ($/) in your source control tree.In the end, it took me a while to figure out the answer (and the help of Buck Hodges) The answer is, if you do a "Get Specific Version..." on the files, and select Changeset 1, the files will be deleted locally and the server will know this.The color of the file in the Source Control explorer will go from black to gray and will have the phrase "Not downloaded" in the latest column.You can easily download the file by going to "Get Specific Version..." and selecting the "Force get" option - which will download all files, regardless of if the server things you have them or not.

The question I was asked was how to tell the server you have removed the file from your system, without deleting it from the server.

That’s a minor downside that I find worth accepting for all the time it saves by avoiding the overhead listed above.

One of the questions that came up from one of our users was "how do I delete the files from my local file system - and tell Team Foundation Server that I have done this".

The reason it does this is so that it can maintain your files without a costly (both in terms of network and CPU processing) sync step.

With TFS, when you say "Get latest", you only get the latest version of files that have changed since you last got them.

I am currently using the latest available bits, namely Toad with Team Coding 7.1 and Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 3. The overview of the newest version is available in this video "The new Team Coding Dashboard in Toad for Oracle 12".