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Tips to internet dating

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Going on dates with more than one person is something about online dating that I felt strange about. Something else for guys, always use headlines and email subject lines that stand out and get attention. (I'm not on e Harmony now.) I am on eharmony right now, and I am overweight.

I've been an 'online dater' for some time, but never got as many results as I would like. We both found more than a few things that we never thought of and never would have.Roman's advice showed me how to word my profile and how to keep it coming up on top! This book is a wealth of knowledge and if you have ever gone the internet dating route you can identify with 100% of the book.More than once I said to myself, "I would have never thought of that! A friend of her's told us about Roman's book and said we would enjoy it (even though we no longer needed it). He not only touches upon some very important aspects but makes it all so entertaining. I just wanted to say that my girl and I have been there and if you're looking for a book that gets to the guts of it without the fluff, Roman Griffen's is the way to go. Many people have successfully hooked up on the Net, but don't pour your heart into a person until you've spent a couple of months getting to know him or her. I just recently signed up for e Harmony and have already been asked for two dates with two separate men.It's almost worse than traditional dating because in traditional dating (not that I did much of that) at least the person usually knows what you look like and asks you out because of or in spite of it.Remember that the eyes are the windows to the soul and to never judge a book by its cover. If the other person makes a big fuss and demands your number or other personal information, take it as a red flag. Some people may even be married when they claim to be single. If you keep an e-mail/telephone relationship going for several weeks and become emotionally involved, you could be very disappointed when you finally meet. Have a friend call you about a half-hour into the date just in case you need an escape plan. I'm talking with this really fascinating person." 8. This is your best tool for finding out who this person really is and if you're compatible. Now I am extremely worried that the people I am meeting will be disappointed and this is igniting my fear of rejection more than ever.

If you feel you're being lied to, just end the contact. This nervousness led me to postpone my date once already and the anxiety of what they'll think when they actually see me is too much.

Given all the hoopla and even a network television show about dating via the Internet, I thought it prudent to share some tips about how to find your beloved in cyber-space. Don't get one of those posed glamour shots; feather boas and bow ties won't show the real you. Take your time as you write about yourself, and tell the truth because the lies always come out. If you're uncomfortable doing it yourself, there are services that will help you write a dynamite profile. Never give out your last name, phone number or home or work location until you've met with someone several times and feel safe. Get the other person's number and block your caller ID. Some people lie about their age, height or weight, or post pictures that are several years old. The first date should always be a "coffee date" during the day. I am "full figured" and as much as I wanted to be honest about this, I only had head shots that don't really reveal my body type and it seemed a bit odd to bring it up randomly in communication with the people I've been speaking with.

The photos on dating sites are small, so a full body shot is not going to show a prospective mate how you look. Get an anonymous e-mail address, and use a pen name to help you keep your privacy. Yes, I know the last tip advised you to not give out your number. When a woman says, "I'll call you," she means within a day. If you don't get a call from someone you've met within two or three days, it may be time to move on. Today, it's never been easier to meet the man or woman of your dreams, and true love may be only a mouse click away. e Harmony seems to have the philosophy that the communicative and intellectual connection between people is the primary component of attraction and the physical attraction is secondary, so they don't reveal your body type or weight on your profile.

There are some good tips in this book, like keeping first emails to ladies short and sweet.

Also, I liked the tips about staying away from ladies that have other people in their primary pictures.

Yet, I really didn't like it that the book mainly focused on what NOT to do.