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So here’s what we know: Taylor Swift interpolated (or lifted) the cadence from Right Said Fred’s 1991 pop-house hit “I’m Too Sexy” for the hook to her single “Look What You Made Me Do.” Here’s what we don’t know: Why?Yes, it was a song a lot of people sincerely and/or winkingly enjoyed when it came out, usually as a campy novelty joke people were happy to laugh with. In the context of Taylor’s big rollout as a Saul Bass/Night In The Woods-biting swag vampire, lifting a piece of Right Said Fred’s most iconic hit seems like a bizarre move, too silly for the context of Swift’s blank-faced vindictiveness or her career arc in general.

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Because I'm sure you're not dealing with an artist. Generally speaking, you know who's making the request, and sometimes you get an inkling as to what they want to do.This is a little off topic, but can you remember any of the South American safe sex lyrics that you objected to? A little bit leathery and latexy, and a little bit like that. The idea that you can be too sexy, it's a bit like being too pregnant, or too much of a virgin. I'll never forget seeing these guys perform - Richard Fairbrass was wearing nothing but a fishnet body stocking with a little patch of leather in front!Swift was only 2 years old at the time "I'm Too Sexy" was released, so she likely grew to appreciate it once it was no longer in the charts.It seems Right Said Fred is pretty delighted with the "reinvention" of the classic track. The third single "Don't Talk, Just Kiss" was a Top UK 10 hit in 1992 as well With a friend of mine I made this video where he plays a man gone wild.

He runs around with no shirt and a belt around his head.

replayed, not sampled — on Swift’s new single, which dropped late Thursday night.

The still-active group, who were approached in advance about the use of the song, were quick to respond, posting on their Twitter account shortly after “Look What You Made Me Do” dropped: Thank you @taylorswift13 what a marvellous reinvention!

But as it turns out, there's probably another reason for that, too.

On closer inspection of the official song credits, 'Look What You Made Me Do' contains a proportion of the melody from 1991's 'I’m Too Sexy', which was written by Fred Fairbrass, Richard Fairbrass and Rob Manzoli, aka Right Said Fred."My guess is that they wrote the song, and then realised it sounded a bit like 'I'm Too Sexy', or they had a gap in the song and thought, 'What should we fill it with? We didn't talk about the finer details - I imagine Taylor's very protective of her [writing] process.

In the case of Taylor Swift, what she did was she interpolated that part of the verse into the chorus of her song. All I can tell you is if I had written it on my own, if it was just a solo thing, I needn't have worked since 1991.