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At the conference's final session Sunday, leader Henry B. A replacement will be chosen for Hales at a later date and funeral plans are pending.Eyring announced his death to 20,000 people in attendance and millions watching live broadcasts around the world.'We will miss him. Hales' combination of experience in private business, time spent in the military and deep roots in the religion made him emblematic of Mormon leaders of his era, said Matthew Bowman, associate professor of history at Henderson State University, He also embodied the Mormon message of the late 20th century: 'the steady, slow cultivation of character through self-mastery and work,' Bowman said.

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Hales was known for being an ambitious man with infectious smile and big heart, said Richard Bushman, a Mormon historian and emeritus professor at Columbia University.Ask them questions about their religion and avoid judging their beliefs, even if you don’t share the same belief or religion.For advice on meeting single Mormons to date, read on!As a high school baseball pitcher, he dreamed of playing in Major League Baseball.He never realized that dream, but he did get to throw out a first pitch at a Los Angeles Dodgers game in 2007 as part of Mormon Night at Dodgers Stadium. Air Force, where picked up a phrase, 'return with honor,' that he used in speeches.'This motto was a constant reminder to us of our determination to return to our home base with honor only after having expended all of our efforts to successfully complete every aspect of our mission,' Hales said in a 1990 church conference speech.In a speech at a church conference in 1999, Hales spoke about one of the most important tenets of the religion: strong families.

Hales was married and had two sons.'We must never, out of anger, lock the door of our home or our heart to our children,' he said.

His wisdom and goodness have blessed our lives for many years,' said Eyring, one of two top counselors to the church president. He often emphasized discipline and goal-setting in his conference speeches. Hales was born in 1932 and grew up on Long Island in a Mormon family with a father who was an artist.

'We express our love to his sweet wife and caregiver, Mary, and extend our heartfelt condolences to the family.'Hales is the fourth top Mormon leader to die in the last three years. Hales would recall a special moment he shared with his father when the two visited a wooded area in upstate New York where church founder Joseph Smith said he saw God and Jesus in what Latter-day Saints call the 'first vision.'Throughout his life, Hales kept a special painting of the sacred grove in his various offices that his father made for him after that trip.

Boyd Matheson, president of the Utah conservative think tank the Sutherland Institute, said he saluted Hales decision to walk away from a successful business career to become a model leader for Mormons.'His soft replies to harsh voices, his gentle invitations to improve and his steely determination to fulfill his duty stand as a witness to the greatness of the man and leave a pattern for leaders and followers to emulate for generations to come,' Matheson said.

While every religion has its own beliefs, traditions and customs that seem somewhat unbelievable to outsiders and non-believers, the Mormons have their fair share of unique values.

What makes the Mormon beliefs particularly out of the ordinary is that Mormons dedicate so much time and energy trying to help non-Mormons.