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Totally american somoa dating

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A place where a walk to the beach may put you in a line behind a village chief, who clears the path with his machete.

Our last day on the island meant time to head east.A rowdy crowd filled the waiting area with hand-painted banners, welcoming flowers and huge hugs.Relatives returning from Hawaii were received like celebrities.Most people know American Samoa is “somewhere down there” when pointing to its approximate location on a globe or map.But few can actually pinpoint this collection of seven Polynesian islands.Every bus distinct from every other, by design, and they are mobile art as much as transportation.

They run in all directions, sunrise to sunset, and you can flag ‘em down and toss a buck or two on the dashboard and pretty much go anywhere.

We traveled west the next day, following the path of the sun while paralleling a coastline that got more enchanting every mile.

The coral reef surrounding the island made for alluring tidal pools and varying hues of blue water.

The Okeanos Explorer would be mapping the ocean’s floor and searching for the unknown equipment that would produce high-def film and collect samples to depths of 20,000 feet.

Our day’s education continued at Pago Pago’s renowned Ocean Center, a showcase visitor gallery for the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa.

Our “go south day” changed to a hang in the harbor day when we learned a NOAA research ship was in port.