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It may be because of how strange Larry acted on the first day.On July 14, media outlets have been bustling with talk of dating rumors between idol-turned-actress UEE (29) and singer/former M. She uploaded a photo of the script cover of her upcoming drama, 'Manhole', and wrote, "Filming! It's true that I became close with Kangnam oppa through 'Jungle' and got together with him for meals, and we all met up comfortably too~ But if you just assume that as dating,, it makes me sad ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Everyone!!

Dry Bones has a much deeper side to him, showing actual emotion over the other characters lack of it. It's so subtle and so small he will check himself into an insane asylum. Now, hear me out: You're going to murder someone while you're in front of the person you want to be with. And you don't have to do it with a gun — you can do it with a car."We gave it to the writers, Danielle Schneider and Dannah Phirman, and they did an amazing job. So what I think you should do is wait for him to leave and then just take Krazy Glue and glue everything in his house. If I can take credit for one thing it's making Orlando the setting."Meanwhile, Scheer continues his podcast , which premieres September 3 on FXX. They're going to come there and hit on you because you essentially just asked them to hook up.

Once he leaves, you replace it with all stuff that isn't Krazy Glued so no one will ever believe him. when Sandy Bullock told Keanu that extreme moments create extreme relationships?

In case you're worried that Paul Scheer might not be authorized to dole out life advice, the comedian assures us that he has the right credentials. Just have a steady stream of dudes coming in from Tinder. There is too much wrong with my life to fix, but the worst thing is living on Long Island.

"I am 100-percent qualified because I have a Twitter account and a Facebook page," Scheer says. I am not totally unfortunate-looking, but guys rarely hit on me. Also, in the future, don't refer to yourself as "not totally unfortunate-looking." Have some self-confidence. So what would you do to get me away from all the horrible people that dwell here when I am super-poor and trapped?

I really want to get a dog but my building doesn't allow pets. All you need to do is get a trash bag and cut it so it covers the dog. " Or the simplest way: get a giant hot dog bun and put him in that. How do I go about gaining a bigger audience for my indie podcast?

What are some good ways to hide a dog from your landlord? That way when he walks into the apartment people will just think he's a big cockroach. Then people will just think you're eating a giant hot dog.

S.” tank top and a temporary heart tattoo with the letter T in the middle.