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By default, when you search for a topic on Facebook, the results you see will be from your list of contacts; your "circle of friends", so to speak.

You will not only see potential friends and fan pages here but if you scroll down a little, you will also see an opportunity to search within your groups: college, high school, workplace, camps, etc.Note: this will only deliver relevant information if the person you're looking for is documented on the Web in some way.In order to set up a Google News Alert, go to the main ​Google Alerts page.Facebook is the largest and most popular social networking site on the Web today.Millions of people check into Facebook daily, which makes it a fantastically powerful tool for finding people you might have lost contact with: friends, family, high school chums, military buddies, etc.Facebook's general search page searches ALL results; friends, groups, posts by friends, and Web results (powered by Bing).

You are given the option to "like" pages and groups that you might be interested in here, as well as search for specific words within your friends' status updates.

The free Android app (pictured) shows users what their friends are typing in real time.

The words, and any corrections, appear in the message window before they are sent, meaning users can interject mid-conversation, or plan a reply.

An i OS app is 'coming soon' The app (pictured) also means people can have conversations without ever hitting send, making them secure because no data is transferred and stored on a network.

But, it is not known how the app itself tracks what is typed, and how much it stores on its own servers.

Here, you can set the parameters of your alert: Many people upload photos and images to the Web, and these images can usually found using a simple Google Images search.