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When Yanukovych and other government officials fled the country on Feb.20, women filled the square, laying flowers.“They covered the square in millions of flowers,” says Taylor-Lind.

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Maersk said its IT systems were down across “multiple sites and businesses due to a cyber attack”, although it was unclear whether it was related to the situation in Ukraine.The 96 portraits chronicle men who stood up to Yanukovych and women who mourned those who fell during Euromaidan.The men wear armor fashioned from whatever fell to hand, while the women carry flowers. When violence loomed, she says, women were ushered away on all but the final days of the revolution."I could understand Maidan as a news event but also as a historical event.What could I contribute to this chapter of history?The National Bank of Ukraine said an “unknown virus” was to blame, saying several unnamed Ukrainian banks were affected along with financial firms.

“As a result of cyber attacks, these banks have difficulties with customer service and banking operations,” a statement said.

The Danish business congolmerate is the largest container shipping company in the world and also operates in the oil and gas sectors.

Rosneft, a Russian government-owned oil firm, said it was also targeted by a “massive hacker attack” on its servers, as was steel maker Evraz.

Ukraine’s national bank, state power company and largest airport are among the targets of a huge cyber attack on government infrastructure.

Rozenko Pavlo, the deputy Prime Minister, said he and other members of the Ukrainian government were unable to access their computers. “This image is being displayed by all computers of the government.” The photo showed his PC displaying a message claiming a disk “contains errors and needs to be prepared”, urging the user not to turn it off.

Guillaume Poupard, director general of the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI) said intensifying attacks were coming from unspecified states, as well as criminal and extremist groups.