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The final image of Augustine is a link to the Alaska Volcano Observatory website with many links to webcams for Augustine, Illiamna and Redoubt among other volcanos in our region!Thanks to the following sponsors of these webcams who keep their internet running and the power on so that we can enjoy the views around Seldovia all year long.

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To check go into Norton history and review everything in there. Norton was transferred to the device from old laptop. No I didn't google the code as I'm following the suggestion of the message. Of course I saw the screen shot you posted I also read it.A special thanks goes out to Kris Lethin of Alaska Dancing Eagles Cabin Rental who is’s technical support for the webcams!Image 1 – The Airport Cam is sponsored by The Bridgekeeper’s Inn, Sea Parrot Inn, Image 2 – The Harbor Cam is sponsored by Kris Lethin of Alaska Dancing Eagles Cabin Rental - Note that this camera is a LIVE feed and you can see the water moving and folks moving about on the docks!It is the video tool of choice for thousands of schools around the world that use Chromebooks in their classrooms.Our online recorder is part of the video tools you can use right here on our website.You also can zoom in and pan around the dock to check in on your boat in the harbor!

Now if you just bought the laptop it is under warranty. Now if you think Norton is blocking it then you would see it in Norton's history.

Your online webcam mirror will show you exactly how you look, before you get out of the house or go into a meeting.

Using "The Online Mirror", you can also test your webcam or USB camera to see that it's working properly before making a video conference call, going on a video chat room, on sites/apps like Oo Voo, Earthcam, Camamba, Room7 etc.

Note that you can keep or change the resolution to a lower one (downscale), not change it to a higher one (upscale).

Our recorder works in the browser on Mac, Linux and Windows machines but most importantly also on Chromebooks, unlike any other.

Third it says be sure your camera drivers are up to date. When you purchase a new laptop everything is out of date from the length of time the laptop has been dormant.