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Updating an antique wardrobe trunk

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When he got back and saw the trunk painted, before all the distressing, he couldn't believe the transformation. A trunk, also known as a travel trunk, is a large cuboid container designed to hold clothes and other personal belongings.

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We went to antique store after antique store and we didn't find a thing. It worked out perfect for us because as I wrote in a previous post I had a very generous friend give me a beautiful coffee table to redo. Of course when I wasn't looking for a trunk anymore.... It wasn't in very good condition, but I knew I could do something great with it so I bought it. I didn't know if I had a place for it, but I found one.Saratoga trunks were the premium trunks of many makers (or the exclusive design of many premium trunk makers) and actually can encompass nearly every other style of trunk manufactured if loosely defined, although generally they are limited to before the 1880s.The most readily recognizable feature of Saratogas are their myriad (and generally very complex) compartments, trays, and heavy duty hardware.One of the largest American manufacturers of trunks at one point — Seward Trunk Co.of Petersburg, Virginia — still makes them for school and camp, and another company — Shwayder Trunk Company of Denver, Colorado — would eventually become Samsonite. Their Osilite trunk was used by such famous customers as T. Lawrence and Ruth Vincent Some of the better known French trunk makers were Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Moynat, and Au Départ.Another is the English luxury goods manufacturer H. Other malletiers still in existence include Noble and Graff and La Malle Bernard.

The easiest way for the casual observer to date any trunk is still by examining its style, so a short description of each aforementioned major variety follows.

Put the wax on with a wax brush and really work it into the paint, but in small sections. When my Hubby saw this piece at the store he really didn't see what I could do to it.

I worked on it while he was away on a business trip.

Among the many styles of trunks there are Jenny Lind, Saratoga, monitor, steamer or Cabin, barrel-staves, octagon or bevel-top, wardrobe, dome-top, barrel-top, wall trunks, and even full dresser trunks.

These differing styles often only lasted for a decade or two as well, and—along with the hardware—can be extremely helpful in dating an unmarked trunk.

An orthodox name for this type of trunk would be a "packer" trunk, but since it has been widely called a steamer for so long, it is now a hallmark of this style.