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Updating avg database

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In such scenario, a DBA can look at recovery_vlf_count and log_recovery_size_mb to understand the number of vlfs to recover and log size to recover if the database is restarted.High number of recovery_vlfs and log recovery size can lead to entire database in recovery state for long time if the database is restarted.

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I am sure there are more scenarios where customers and community will find sys.dm_db_log_stats useful to proactively maintain a healthy state of the transaction log to improve the overall availability and predictability of the SQL Server instance.This should be enough to replace and restore all of the software's core components and remove any temporary data cache that was preventing updates from proceeding normally.Temporary files can also be cleaned from AVG manually through the advanced settings menu.The transaction log activity between am – am is higher than average and may cause all VLFs in transaction log file to be full which cannot be truncated due to pending backup. Autogrow setting is like auto insurance where you would keep it ON but hope you never use it since it would hurt you over a long run.In this scenario, if you do not have any monitoring in place, you might end up with 1000s of VLFs due to frequent autogrows resulting to space issues, slow recovery, rollback issues, replication latency and cluster failovers with SQL Server resource taking long time to come online.In sys.dm_db_log_stats, you will find a new column log_since_last_log_backup_mb which can be used in your backup script to trigger a transaction log backup when log generated since last backup exceeds a threshold value.

With smart transaction log backup, the transaction log backup size would be consistent and predictable avoiding autogrows from transactional burst activity on the database.

Once any identified malware threats are spotted and removed, try the AVG Anti Virus update again.

The problem may be caused by an issue with the AVG Anti Virus program itself rather than anything external.

An anti-virus program is a crucial part of any company's computer security setup, but whichever tool you choose it's only as good as its most recent update -- having the latest virus definitions installed is essential in spotting new threats and dangers from the Web.

If AVG Anti Virus' regular update function has been disabled or interrupted, the root cause of the issue could lie with the AVG program itself or something else installed on your system.

Every once in a while, a DBA faces a situation where a user has a long running transaction in killed\rollback state causing blocking issue.