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Updating bios benefit

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Hey guys, I have an old Windows 7 pc, 64bit, that was upgraded to 10 a while back.

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I wanted to get the newest BIOS Update but it looks like there is only one, and this is the one that is already installed as far as I can tell.If you want to be 100% certain then you could give it a try.I suspect you'll get the "this version is already present on this machine" message.Updating your computer's drivers and other updates can resolve problems, improve the performance, and increase the stability of your computer.Computer BIOS updates should only be run when you are having compatibility issues with your hardware or you feel that your computer hardware is not performing as it should.The only difference I see is that the one on the computer in "System Information" has an older date than the one on the HP Site?

My question is: how would I know if these are both the same, or if I could benefit from the one with the newer date on it at the HP Site.

https://com/us-en/product/hp-pavilion-p6200-desktop-pc-series/3999459/model/4006829/drivers The BIOS in System Info is from 9/10/2009, the one at this site is from Aug, 6-2010 Thanks, pc HP has a nasty habit of updating their "last updated" dates on the website that have no connection to when the thing being downloaded was actually last updated.

I have begun consistently looking at what version number of thing X (BIOS/UEFI in this case) is noted for the download.

EDIT: Still can't open and execute the BIOS File, even after "Unblocking Publisher" via Right Click Properties, seems as even thought I have Admin Privileges I cannot run it.

This belonged to someone else, and I created an Admin account, then Deleted their Admin Account, and is where I suspect the problem lie's.

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