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Updating cache

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In this case, you will need to refresh the cache before installing the recommended package: If you have the RTM version of Ubuntu 12.04 and have never installed any of the Ubuntu updates, Steam will fail to install. It is important that your package cache is up to date when you launch Steam (or when you select Steam | Check for Video Driver Updates ...) because Steam compares your current video driver against the current contents of your package cache.

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You many need to tune your caching system in order to eliminate this issue.The place where this web page data is stored is called the cache.The cache is an essential way to optimize your web browsing experience. Remember the pirates and thieves of old, who would stockpile their treasures in someplace "safe" like a cave or a hole in the ground?Note that Word Press does not come with a cache by default, so the above would only apply if you installed a cache plugin yourself.Sometimes even the very best web page designers, developers, and programmers make a mistake. Let's look at some of the most commonly overlooked details that happen when you aren't paying attention. If you're editing a template, are you sure that the page you're viewing is being generated from that template?This is because--in an effort to be helpful--your web browser stores the web page information on your computer.

In the future, the web browser reloads the web page data from your computer, not from the actual site.

Here is how you clear the cache on a few common browsers: In addition to clearing the cache, each browser may have a way of stopping or minimizing the caching of web pages.

Using this technique will definitely slow down your web page viewing, and it isn't a perfect solution, because some caching may still occur. Check your internet browser's help files for specifics on how to turn off the cache feature.

Your internet browser uses its cache to store files and information that the browser reuses when the page is refreshed or viewed again.

Sometimes a problem can arise when you make a small change to your site, and the browser doesn't recognize it as a significant change.

Ubuntu maintains a cache of packages that are used when installing a new product.