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Updating charts in excel

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In the previous demo Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of Business Solutions, used the Excel Web Access web part to add an Excel chart to a landing page.

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Even though I set up the links as "Update: Automatic", I find that when I open the PP presentation, it doesn't always show the latest data from Excel.The fact that Excel supplied the data in the first place doesn't really enter into things. The link is from MSGraph to Excel in this case, but MSGraph is never launched until you doubleclick the graph in Power Point, so only then does it realize that there's a link to external data and update it from Excel. Select Tools | Macros | Security on the security level tab, check MEDIUM. In the demo below Peter quickly repeats how the Excel chart works and is updated, and then he describes three methods for automatic update when Share Point list data is changed.One of the methods is buying a third party tool, and unfortunately the key performance indicator method is no longer possible.However, Peter describes the VB script method for Excel chart auto-refresh in detail in the next article.

Floating bars can be used to plot many types of data sets.

The only way to force an update is to get Power Point to hand the embedded data back to MSGraph and edit it there. Once the add-in has been loaded you can set the Security level back to HIGH Contents © 1995 - 2017 Stephen Rindsberg, Rindsberg Photography, Inc. You may link to this page but any form of unauthorized reproduction of this page's contents is expressly forbidden.

In other words, doubleclick the graph or write VBA code that does it for you.

For automatic updating to occur, Power Point needs to check the date of the data source of any embedded OLE objects, and for this to happen, it needs to be able to find the file that contains the original data to see if the file date/time is more recent than the date/time on the embedded copy in the PPT file.

Here's where you run into the first problem: MSGraph doesn't save any data to files.

Instead you have to open Excel and refresh the chart.