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Updating dat

On second and subsequent runs, I want to avoid running the Teradata query and use the data from the Calgary database that was updated on the first run.

I cannot install extra packages because of corporate security restrictions. I can put parts of my flow into containers and enable/disable them with the Action tool.I guess I may need to use the Detour and Detour End tools.This product key can be found on a sticker on the CD case or may have been sent by email.A licence file will be returned by email, and must be saved to mascot/config/licdb.But I can't figure out how to glue this all together.

I have no ability to schedule flows to run, or make dependancies between flows.

I have been trying to build something using the Directory tool to find the last modified date on the Calgary database file.

I can compare this to today's date to test if the Calgary database has been updated yet today.

You can update both default and locally defined source keys for integration-enabled objects. (As I write this article, current release for Oracle HCM Cloud is Release 12.

) Source To update the source key associated with any record, you load a Source file.

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