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Updating drivers of windows 7 and tuning 130102 rc

So while they're big enough to hold a desk full of work, they're small enough to fit in a shirt pocket.And, they're totally encased in a rigid plastic so they're totally protected. There are already plenty of programs to keep a Macintosh busy Like Mac Paint,™ And with Macintosh BASIC, Mac- intosh Pascal and our Macintosh Toolbox for writing your own mouse-driven pro- grams, you, too, could make big bucks in your spare time.

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The real genius is that you don't have to be a genius to use a Macintosh. Soon there'll be just two kinds of people Those who use computers. Wk In The Queue BOTE Volume 9, Number 5 Page 40 Columns 40 Trump Card, Part 1 : Hardware by Steve Ciarcia / Speed up your IBM PC with 16-bit coprocessing power. 276 The Apple He Personal Computer by John Markoff / Apple in- troduces a portable lie compatible that runs Pro DOS. As to your primary involvements with computers, some 23 per- cent cite involvement in hardware or software technology, while 20 percent cite use of computers as a management tool or in business applications. Then, if you're designing a dis- tributed processing system, you'll want to take a look at our C-10 per- sonal computer. 5267, Frankfurt Main, Germany or Cromemco Ltd., The Cambridge House, 178-182 Upper Richmond Rd., Putney, London SW15 England. Editorial i Not surprisingly, you know a great deal about computers and have valu- able information to share (if you want to share your knowledge by writing for BYTE, see the text box below).127 Benchmarking Business-Modeling Software by William Hession and Malcolm Rubel / The guidelines presented can help you com- pare the functions and speed of business-modeling software. Thomas / Complex software can be maintained more easily by the judicious use of remarks embedded in the program code. NH 03449 Unacceptable manuscripts will be returned if accompanied by sufficient first-class postage Not responsible for lost manuscripts or photos Opinions expressed by tne authors are not necessarily those of BYTE Copyright © 1 984 by Mc Graw-Hill inc All rights reserved Trademark registered in the Unted States Patent and Trademark Office Where necessary, permis- sion is granted Dy the copyright owner for libraries and others registered with the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC| to photocopy any article herein for the tun fee of S I 50 per copy of the article or any pan thereof Correspondence and payment should be sent directly to the CCC. MA 01 970 Specify ISSN 036O5280/83 5 1 50 Copying done (or other than personal or internal reference use without the permission of Mc Graw-Hill Inc. Cooper, Chief; Warren Williamson, Nancy Hayes, Joan V. Barker, Anne L Fischer, Bucl Sadler, Margaret Cook, Paula Noonan Assistants: Faith Kluntz, Beverly Jackson, Lisa Jo Steiner, Peggy Dunham Production: David R. At the heart of each system is our 68000/Z-80 dual processor. You can attend conferences on subjects of greatest interest to personal computer users, such as 32-bit microprocessors, languages, graphics, programming environments, personal robots, note- book computers, idea processing, AI gateways to natural languages, and voice recognition.137 Expert Systems for Personal Computers by Milos Konopasek and Sundaresan Jayaraman / The TKISolver approach. Books Received Software Received Ask BYTE What's New? is prohibited Requests for special permission or bulk orders should be addressed to the publisher BYTE is available in microform from University Microfilms International. Anderson, Associate Director; Virginia Reardon, Production Manager; Jan Muller, Michael J. Backed by as much as 16 Mb of error- correcting RAM. You can share in- formation with other subscribers (users' report on low-cost 1200-bps modems, languages forum, home- brew databases, etc.) and get more in- volved in BYTE by participating in meetings on reviewing and writing for BYTE.It also means that Macintosh is read}' to hook in to a local area network. Macintosh is a trademark licensed to Apple Computer, Inc. Dionne, President and Chief Executive Officer; Robert N.(With Apple Bus, you will be able to interconnect up to 16 different Apple computers and peripherals.) Should you wish to double Mac- intosh's storage with an external disk 9" high resolution 512 x 342 pixel bit -mapped display. Apple, Ibe/ppte logo, Mac Paint and Lisa are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Landes, Senior Vice President and Secretary; Ralph J. Editorial The BYTE Reader: Who You Are We do a lot of research about our readers and your interests, and we thought you might enjoy knowing more about the group you join when you subscribe to BYTE. More than 93 percent have gone beyond high school, with about 78 percent completing college, 23.5 percent holding master's degrees, 10 percent holding Ph.160 How Lawyers Can Use Microcomputers by Robert P. Unclassified Ads BYTE's Ongoing Monitor Box and BOMB Results Reader Service Nucleus 4 Editorial: The BYTE 481 Reader: Who You Are 488 9 MICROBYTES 495 14 Letters 499 426 BYTE's User to User 573 444 Event Queue 574 468, 474 Book Reviews 478 Clubs and Newsletters 575 Cover painting by Robert Tinney Address an editorial correspondence to the Editor. Lonsky; Sherry Mc Carthy, Chief Typographer; Donna Sweeney, Valerie Horn, Len Lorette, Nan Fornal Advertising: Deborah Porter, Supervisor; Marion Carlson, Rod Hannings, Cathy A. Drew, Lisa Wozmak, Jeanne Cilley, Jeanna Reenstierna; Wai Chiu Li, Quality Control Manager; Linda J. Equally important, the BYTE Shows are not just tempting "don't touch" exhibitions; they are fairs at which you can buy products from ex- hibitors if you find the machine of your dreams or the board, periph- eral, or program you've been living without for too long.

Wilkins / Small systems can help cut costs while upgrading legal service. Sweeney, Advertising/Production Coordinator; Julie Nelson Advertising Sales: J. We think the separate elements as- sembled under one roof— the confer- ences, the equipment and software on exhibit, the chance to meet fellow subscribers, and the opportunity to shop for a variety of personal com- puter products— will combine to make the BYTE Shows enjoyable for all BYTE subscribers and others who find personal computers as fascinat- ing as we do. — Phil Lemmons, Editor-in-Chief Writing For BYTE BYTE continues to solicit and publish articles and reviews that keep you informed about what's new and important in microprocessor-based technology, and many of our articles are still written by you, the people directly involved with the field we report on.

Over 1500 of them are eagerly waiting to put a mouse in your hand. Your occupations reflect your high levels of education and skills.

As one point-and-click makes perfectly clear, the real genius of Macintosh isn't Macintosh 's digital board — the processing power of an entire 32-bit digital graphics computer in 80 square indies. About 15 percent of you are engineers in computers or electronics, 17 percent are engineers in other fields, 5.5 percent are computer scientists, 8 percent are in other fields of science, 13 percent are computer analysts or programmers, 11 percent are managers or administrators, 4.5 percent are students (though this number is growing fast), 4.5 percent are self-employed, and 6 percent are educators.

RS232, RS422 Apple Bus serial communications ports for printers, modems and other Mouse connector. There's also a built-in connector for Macintosh's mouse, a feature that costs up to $300 on computers that can't even run mouse-controlled software. Now that you Ve seen some of the logic, the technology, the engineering genius and the software wizardry that separates 32 -bit Motorola MC68000 miavprocessor. Another 15 percent majored in sciences, 7.8 percent in computer science, and 6.8 percent in social sciences.

Macintosh from conventional computers, we'd like to point you in the direction of your nearest authorized Apple dealer. Of those BYTE subscribers who did graduate work, 14.8 percent studied business administration, 10.7 percent pursued electrical engineering, and 13.8 percent explored other areas of engineering, while 9.2 percent studied com- puter science, 13.3 percent physics or chemistry, 7.7 percent mathematics, 4.6 percent social sciences, and 9.2 percent other sciences.

All of which make that 32-bit power far more useful by making the Macintosf T'Personal j| Computer far easier to use than current generation computers.