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Updating duct work

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In this case, access to the ceiling is necessary for installation.

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If your home has a flat roof with no attic crawl space and no ceiling tiles, the drywall or plaster ceiling must be removed.The type of duct material your HVAC contractor chooses will depend on parameters specific to your installation.Most duct system installations require a combination of different duct materials to accommodate the structure.In general, a basic minimum cost for installation can run anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000.The cost of the duct material can vary by region and is subject to the type of material, it’s specifications such as inside diameter, the linear footage and whether it is insulated or non-insulated.For installation in areas that are easily accessible such as a new room addition, a basement or even a crawl space, it will be a littler easier because you’ll have increased access to the area where the ductwork is being installed.

Whether it’s new ductwork or replacement ductwork, the material is installed in a network system meaning ducts will need to run throughout the ceiling and a vent will need to be installed in each room for complete heating and cooling circulation.

The time has come for installing a new HVAC system.

It could be you’re installing a heating and cooling system for the first time, contemplating a replacement system, converting from baseboard or radiator heating, or you’re replacing damaged ductwork.

Having new or replacement ducts and vents is a big project and can be a big investment so it’s to your benefit to have it done right from the start.

Not only will a new or updated duct system benefit your home’s value, a new system can also save you money on your energy bills.

Prices vary from state to state, but typically a professional installer may charge at least $50 to $55 per hour for labor and materials.