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Updating garmin nuvi

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New maps for new regions cost around $60 or so, but it all depends on the type you go for.For example you could purchase City Navigator NT for the United Kingdom and Ireland, or if you are planning on a longer road trip to other European countries then expand your purchase and instead look to buy City Navigator NT for Europe mapping – which, whilst more expensive, will mean that your Nuvi 205w can be used in many different countries. You were probably not aware of this but there’s a raft of different software updates that fit the Nuvi 205w and we’ve detailed a selection of them below so you can truly enhance your GPS with some additional rich content that will make any journey a little bit more interesting.

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They are very easy to install and many of them are free to download.By default, users based in America and Canada will have City Navigator NT maps already on the GPS which contain routes, directions, and address on for the whole of North America.These maps are only as up to date as the point they were installed on the device so the chances are yours are already out of date.So you’ve updated the maps on your Garmin 205w, and added new vehicle icons and voices… Well there are also POIs available, which are also known as Points of Interest files.These are one of the most useful software updates available after new mapping data because they can truly help you on your travels and vacations.Once the POI file is loaded onto the Garmin Nuvi 205w as a software update then as you travel you will see the relevant icons appear on the display – which notify you of a local POI destination – for example a Mexican restaurant, or a Wal Mart store.

As you can see there are so many ways in which you can not only customize a Garmin 205w GPS, but also opportunities for you to update the maps and software on the unit.

If you decide that the maps on your Nuvi 205w need updating then your first port of call should be the official Garmin website.

They do have some very intuitive map download guides on their site, but we’ve managed to place everything into a more concise format here on this page meaning that you can find out whether you can download free Garmin Nuvi 205w map updates – and if not, what the cheapest Garmin map updates are.

Many POI files are actually created by third party software developers so make sure you Google for them so you can get a better idea of the wide range that is available.

So for example, it’s possible for you to download a POI file containing items such as tourist attractions, restaurants, shopping malls, gas stations and much more.

By entering your serial number of your Nuvi GPS on their official website, you can quickly find out if you are eligible for a free upgrade.