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Updating intel driver first

Once Windows is pointed to the right point and told to install it, it all worked seamlessly on this laptop - but of course, your mileage may vary hence all the warnings above. This didn't work for me on this particular laptop, so, your mileage may vary, but you can check it out here: note that the same caveats as above apply to this, too - it's just another way of bypassing the restrictions Intel/the manufacturer have placed on its driver installs.---Step 1) Download the latest drivers from Intel's Download Center - NOT by using the auto detect, but by manually selecting what you have, and which operating system you have (make sure you get the right 32-bit or 64-bit driver). ZIP FILE.2) Extract the file to a directory you can easily find.

As in any operating system, you will need to update or reinstall drivers in the first instance when a certain item of hardware stops working.----Original Post Follows...----Hi everyone, First, a necessary but unpleasant DISCLAIMER: WE CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IF YOU DECIDE TO ATTEMPT THIS AND CREATE PROBLEMS ON YOUR PERSONAL SYSTEM.Understand that if you choose to do this, it is AT YOUR OWN RISK and that the purpose of this is to provide those who wish to work around the issue with options.While Ubuntu automatically checks for driver updates by default, you can also do so manually. Click on "Check." Ubuntu will scan your computer and provide a list of any available driver updates for your installed hardware.This will include any driver updates for Intel devices installed on the machine, if they are available. Click on "Install Updates" and enter the administrator password when prompted.This one, single thing, all due to an out of date driver, means the person is able to see the movies and play at an acceptable frame rate instead of the opposite.

As an aside, it fixed a bunch of other program problems for @Boozilla as well, including various steam games, Photoshop running slowly, dual monitor input lag... If you don't feel brave enough to attempt this, the last recourse I have for you is to contact the support of whatever manufacturer has created your computer and ask them to update the drivers for your computer model.

In addition, several other graphical-related problems with other games were also resolved.---SHOULD YOU DO THIS?

If you don't feel comfortable messing about with Windows system drivers, then, NO, DO NOT DO THIS.

The problem was, the ones on HP's website were several versions out of date.---Before: @Boozilla's Intel-based HP laptop ran our game at 1-2fps, and did not display the movies.

After: The laptop displayed the movies just fine and ran the game flawlessly.

Don't run any of the executables in there, we're going elsewhere.3) Open your device manager.