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Updating maps on magellan

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Unfortunately, that means your standard traffic GPS may not have the full picture when it is first turned on,” said Mike Wagner, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Magellan.“Magellan recognized the challenge this posed to commuters and developed the only GPS navigator with the Traffic Wake-up feature.

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If you’d like even more security, The Magellan Road Mate 3045-LM comes with a lifetime upgrade option in which you are able to upgrade your maps four times a year for the life of the product at no additional charge!You'll be able to ask questions about your sat nav or chat with the community and help others.Invest in one of Magellan's new 2010 Road Mate navigators and you'll never have to worry about being caught off guard by a traffic jam again.The entire Road Mate lineup boasts the exclusive One Touch personalization feature allowing you to save favorite places, categories and searches.All models also feature spoken street names, 6 million points of interest, Quick Spell for error-free address entry and multi-destination routing.Magellan has overhauled the traffic interface to provide a higher level of control and now additionally focuses on flow reporting which detects traffic congestion and not just reported accidents.

The GPS navigator’s primary benefit is no longer only to direct drivers to new places.

Highway Lane Assist gives you clear visual guidance of which lane you should start heading towards for your next maneuver.

No more missing your exit because you’re in the wrong lane.

Two times a day the Magellan Road Mate 3065 Commuter will wake itself up 30 minutes before your pre-determined commute starts and begins gathering traffic information.

By the time you slide behind the wheel, your 3065 Commuter is loaded with the optimal route for the day’s commute.” Another customized Commuter feature is Periodic Reporting, which provides detailed information to track mileage for business use for expense reports and tax purposes.

Each of the 2010 Road Mates come with specialized parking features such as the Automatic Parking Lot Finder which identifies local parking lots once you arrive at your destination.