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Updating products in virtuemart

updating products in virtuemart-63

Editable: An editable group consists of multiple products while the non-editable has only one product which cannot changed by the user.

Product Builder is used to offer the end user the ability to create a custom product, selecting products from predefined product groups.Mandatory: In a mandatory group, the user is forced to select a product, otherwise he/she cannot proceed to the cart.Searchable: A searchable group, displays a search input field at the top of the group.To create a group go to the "Group" view and press the “New” button.Follows an explanation of the fields found in the group's form.Connect With: An editable group can get its products either from one or more Virtuemart Product Categories or from a custom collection of Virtuemart products.

Default Product: A group can have a preselected product. In case of non-editable group every virtuemart product can become default.

If set to "Use Global" will follow the settings in the component's configuration or in the menu items.

The Quantity options can be used to set a default quantity for a group or to configure how the quantity will be displayed.

Default Quantity: The quantity of the group by default.

Display Quantity Box : Display or not the quantity box.

This is used to search individual products of that group, if it has a lot of products.