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Updating software for use with the

Sorry but do you guys really know what you are doing?

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As the software for use of the e.dentifier2 in connected mode is installed on your computer, you will receive an automatic notification of the software update.The most recent software update for some Kindle e-readers provides updates needed to continue using some services on your device.This update should automatically download and install when your Kindle is charging and connected to a Wi-Fi network.Additionally, the following device models are not impacted and do not require this update.Once the update is complete, your Kindle should automatically restart and you should once again have access to all Kindle services on your device.Assistant 2 on PC is fine for the plane and batteries but nothing else.

Also after these upgrades I had to re connect the remote to the plane.

When your phone notifies you that an update is available, just follow the instructions shown on your phone.

If your phone is low on memory, you may need to move your apps, photos, and other stuff to the memory card.

If it doesn't, you may need to manually install the update to regain access to these features.

If your Kindle e-reader model requires an update, you may be unable to download Kindle content from the Cloud, access the Kindle Store, register or deregister your device, import collections, share content via social networks, or use Whispersync services, annotations backup, Goodreads, and Important: If your software version is higher than the version listed in the table, your device does not require an update.

A message will appear on your screen 30 minutes after you switch on your computer. When you click on the message, you will be given step-by-step instructions on how to update the software on your computer. Or you can go to this page to perform the update at a time of your choosing.