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Updating sweater with buttons

I don’t really own a lot of items like this, but I love it!For some reason, I feel like the proportions on this cardigan are slightly off for my body.

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Find out how to make one for yourself at Grosgrain Enhance the elbows with pretty fabric.This tutorial from Wool and the Gang shows a hat, but the same applies to a sweater. I also feel like I am buying a new group of them every single year after I’ve blown them out (or just not worn them) from the year before. I’m going to my best to spruce up the sweaters that I already have . A lot of these tutorials are surprisingly easy and several are inspired by higher-end stores like Anthropologie.Visit the full tutorial at Mismatcherie All you need are a few strips of fabric and a hook and eye closure.Get the tutorial at U-Create Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.Learn how it was done at Grosgain Adding pleats and a bow tot he neckline is easier than you think.

See how the accents were added at Ruffles and Stuff Remove a front ruffle and add it the waist.

I keep reminding myself every time I wear it that I need to get more patterned cardigans!

The sparkly buttons really drew me in in the first place.

From there, I folded the cuff back over & ironed the seam down – use the highest setting your garment will allow. I think I’ll be getting a lot more use out of this cardigan now.

Maybe moths had a field day with your wool sweaters this summer, or you're just really, really sick and tired of your wardrobe. Above, embellish sleeves with a series of beads to create a custom pattern.

I want the cardi to be either 4 inches longer or 4 inches shorter. They’re just about 2 inches shy of being a full sleeve, but they’re too long to be considered a 3/4.