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Back to top--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why don't I see all my accounts in my budget?If you are creating a budget and you don't see all your accounts or sub accounts, it may have to do with the Hide blank rows is checked.

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Back to top--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can I have decimal points in my budgets? When creating a budget in Quick Books Online (QBO), if you enter a decimal point for cents or fraction of a dollar, QBO will NOT round to the nearest dollar amount.Your professor will post the class syllabus and a variety of other information and resources on this page.You may also use this page to submit assignments, take quizzes/exams, ask questions and participate in discussions, etc.How to access or edit existing budgets: Back to top--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How does the "Show Rows as" for budgets work?When the budget is subdivided, it can be viewed by the accounts or the criteria by which it was subdivided (Class, Location or Client).This section discusses how to: For most controls, you must set record properties to assign the control to a specific field in a record definition.

No distinct correlation exists between the field types in a record definition and the controls in a page definition.

If you want to create the combined budget within Quick Books Online, you will need to start a new budget and manually enter the combined amounts.

You can copy an existing budget, this provides a way to create a new budget with amounts from an existing budget, then manually add amounts from the remaining budget(s).

(these activities will vary depending on each course).

For each page control that you add to a page you can control how it looks and functions in your application page by setting page field properties.

Note: The reports will show only the budget currently being viewed.