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Updating xbox 360 with thumb drive

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The drive will need to be at least 1 GB in size in order to use it with your Xbox 360.For using saves on the backwards compatibility, it would be great if you could use usbs to transfer saves from the 360 to the one so you have more data space for 360 saves or make the cloud storage bigger than 512mb as I feel that, that's too small especially if you're going to play a lot of 360 games Our newest Feature Area forum, Clubs & LFG, is now live!

Check out Microsoft's Xbox support page for full information on where and how you can get your Xbox fixed by the pros.The way the game is designed, it performs better just off of the disc. Halo 3 is known to perform WORSE when installed on a hard drive.When the update first came out that allowed installing of games onto hard drives, Bungie came out and told everyone not to do it for Halo 3. The way the game is designed, it performs better just off of the disc.Save it to your desktop to make it easier to find later.4. Unzip the downloaded update file by double-clicking the folder.Unzip the file by double-clicking it, and copy the contents of the file to your USB flash drive.5. Browse to the Xbox Live system download page by following the "Download System Updates" link in Resources.2. Copy the contents of the folder to the CD drive (you can do so by dragging the folders to the disc in "My Computer") and burn the files to your disc.5.If you're running low on storage for your Xbox 360, don't buy that new hard drive just yet.

You can convert many of the USB drives that you may have laying around into Xbox Memory Units, which will allow you to install games, download files, and store game saves.

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Now, the question I have is how much freedom do they give you with using flash drives?

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The only game I will be playing is Halo 3, and I am hoping that I will be able to get the free map pack by downloading it to a flash drive.