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Validating identity in wireless network

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The procedure then describes how to either open an existing domain-level Group Policy object (GPO) for editing, or create a new domain GPO and open it for editing.In the next section you will use Group Policy Management Editor to create wireless policy.

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For specific details, see your wireless AP documentation.Note The procedures in this guide do not include instructions for cases in which the User Account Control dialog box opens to request your permission to continue.If this dialog box opens while you are performing the procedures in this guide, and if the dialog box was opened in response to your actions, click Continue.Use the following information along with the product documentation provided by the wireless AP manufacturer to configure your wireless APs.This procedure enumerates items commonly configured on a wireless AP.For NPS servers to be granted permission to read the dial-in properties of user accounts during the authorization process, each NPS server must be registered in AD DS.

Registering an NPS server adds the server to the RAS and IAS Servers security group in AD DS.

This ensures that the clients that support WPA2 will use that method for the connection rather than the less secure WPA.

This procedure provides the steps to specify the order in which wireless connection profiles are used to connect domain member wireless clients to wireless networks.

By default, the Group Policy Management feature is installed on computers running Windows Server 2016 when the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) server role is installed and the server is configured as a domain controller.

The following procedure that describes how to open the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) on your domain controller.

If you need more than one security group for wireless users, repeat these steps to create additional wireless users groups.