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Validating input type file

Also, you should never rely entirely on client side validations.

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I did find one issue on the j Query forum about this: Can anything be done?On the server I check to make sure it's an image, but I want to check on the clientside first.How with j Query can I alert the user if the file input file selected isn't a gif,jpg,png, or bmp?Is there a way to update the validation message on change to not be in an error state?So, I had the same issue and sadly just adding to the rules didn't work.This is minor, but it was brought to my attention that the validation of input type="file" behaves differently than others.

For example, on the Form validation page, the required field error message is removed on most controls as soon as the user begins typing.

@hsrudnicki, You're caught-up to this week's issues.

At this rate, you'll be out of a job by the end of this afternoon. Let's give it a bit of time to see if anybody comes up with something clever.

Would like to see at least the @Rob Johnston @Laurent Goderre I believe issue #6834 and #7554 can be closed.

Not all browsers support the File API, specifically Internet Explorer users will not see validations.

This is the code that dynamically adds the inputs: Thanks Arun really great. I tried adding it within the form submit event but its not - So I notice that the validation does not updated on change of adding a file...