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Vanessa white dating 2016

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But before Lucas can guess what the news could be, the words from Vanessa hit him like a tonne of bricks." Vanessa tries to find employment as the head chef at Lassiter's Hotel, infuriating Lucas.He then tells her potential employer, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), that she is pregnant costing her the job.

The actress believed that Vanessa would probably laugh if Rhys proposed and then double-check that it was not a joke.She said "For a couple that went through so much tragedy and heartache, it's so nice to see a happy ending for Lucas and Vanessa, and adding to their family which is growing rapidly." Vanessa meets Lucas Fitzgerald in Charlie's and they have a one-night stand.The following day, Vanessa assures Lucas that she is not looking for a serious relationship.She believes that no matter what Lucas's reaction is, he deserves to know she is carrying his child.She has no ill feelings towards him and tries to be as easy-going as possible by bringing up casual and random topics of conversation.She agreed to go along with her mother's plans because she does not want to bring up her child without her family around her.

A columnist for TV Week said Vanessa makes an instant impression on Lucas and she goes back to his house.

" The wedding scenes were filmed in July in a historic chapel.

A writer for Channel 5 commented that while the producers were "remaining tight-lipped" about the outcome to the wedding, there would be a surprise twist.

Vanessa later developed a relationship with Rhys Lawson (Ben Barber), became involved in a sham wedding storyline and gave birth to a son.

She told Kilkelly "Everything happened so quickly and it coincided with the move from Sydney - it was very chaotic at first and it did take a while.

Sumarwata described her character as being someone who wears their heart on their sleeve.