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"It’s the most underrated thing you can do, and it’s the best thing you can do to improve your swing." 1.

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Squeeze your glutes (it helps stretch your hip flexors), and pull the cable (on your kneeling side) to your chest, elbows to the side, and extend the tricep.For the rows, hold the dumbbell opposite to your planted leg and bend over in a 45-degree angle with your other leg straight out.Slowly bring the dumbbell straight up and then down, while balanced.Run 15 seconds rest 30 seconds - Run 15 seconds rest 1 minute (incline 13, speed 11) 4.Run 15 seconds rest 30 seconds - Run 15 seconds rest 1 minute (incline 14, speed 11.5) 5.Most players with a high average hit the ball hard and often.” To be a great gap hitter, balance training along with core work is the recipe to that sweet stroke.

The exercise combo of choice is single leg/single arm rows coupled with kneeling cable chops.

Start off with your arms shoulder-width apart with one hand on the ball, alternating side to side.

Immediately after, do some overhead wall ball throws, with your feet spread apart using a (8-12 pound) ball. 3 minutes at 120 feet with a crow hop (Tuesday and Thursday) 45-180 feet x 12 minutes (Wednesday) 45-90 feet x 10 minutes “Speed is a valuable tool, not only for baserunning, but on defense,” says Eddins.

Follow this with split jumps (no break, aka supersetting), in which you jump straight up, front foot landing heel first while keeping your front knee behind your toes.

One-legged squats: 3 x 8 reps with dumbbells Split jumps: 3 x 10 reps.

Use both hands and keep the ball above your head at all times. Rest 3-5 minutes between sets Week 3 (Monday and Friday) 1. “Speed allows you to take extra bases and make hard plays look easy.