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Trust me I'm no scientist, but was just curious.

Velocitation occurs when you unconsciously go too fast on the freeway.His last day of filming on Hollyoaks was 29 April 2010.“It’s always difficult when you’re playing a real character as you’re living actual scenes that this guy went through.” To get inside Evans’ head, Mirallegro met with the Welshman’s half-sister, Maureen.“Some of the stories she told were quite personal to her, so I’m not going to repeat them,” says the actor when I ask whether she was able to shed any light on her brother.So many things I can relate to shown in a naturally comedic way.Age happens - and let's be real, it's funny.A native of Manchester, he portrayed "Newt", an emo teenager who is the foster child of Jack and Frankie Osborne in Hollyoaks.

In a backstage video produced by Channel 4, Mirallegro insisted that he was nothing like his character.

The three-parter tells the tale of serial killer Christie, who acted as a prosecution witness in Evans’ murder trial and ultimately watched the young father hang for crimes he himself had committed.

When Christie’s own murders were discovered three years later, doubts were raised about the integrity of Evans’ conviction.

He plays Sam, a young Jewish lad (one of the two main protagonists of the story: Sam and Nick).

The movie is set in suburbia in the North of England in the 1990s.

It is for this reason, a driver on the highway may catch up to you and then follow close behind making no attempt to pass.