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Visual studio help is updating

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We've invested in reducing memory footprint and improving the performance of code diagnostics.This will reduce a lot of the out-of-memory crashes seen in prior releases.

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For the latest news about our tools, visit our Developer Blog on Git Hub.NET), which was making VS hang and crash from anywhere within five to 60 minutes of opening a solution.Another customer had a solution file with 200 projects (mostly . Though this project would load successfully, it was consuming a lot of CPU cycles, causing the IDE to be very sluggish while editing code, and the customer also experienced random crashes.On the surface, these might look like very related issues. As we talked with the customers and debugged their solutions, it became clear that the root causes were pretty different.Here are some of the things we learned and what we changed: These problems turned out to be quite complex, often involving engineers from five or six feature teams to diagnose and fix them. So rather than using this post to talk about a bunch of the changes, I want to share a story about hunting down some memory issues in VS.

This release includes the runtime and libraries for . NET Core and a new set of command line tools, as well as Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code extensions that enable developers to work with . The tooling will be at release quality with the next major release of Visual Studio, Visual Studio “15.” Switching to VS Update 3, normally, I’d share some of the highlights of this release here, but over the past few months we’ve been working to improve our release notes and known issues so they are much more readable and approachable (and complete).

We've addressed feedback from customers about improving performance and reliability.

On Windows 10, Visual Studio is no longer unresponsive when you are opening or attempting to edit large EDMX or DBML diagrams while the on-screen keyboard is displayed.

We’ve improved the performance of running code diagnostics on an entire solution.

To learn more about code diagnostic performance enhancements, read the How to: Enable and Disable Full Solution Analysis for Managed Code page on MSDN.

We've integrated Clang 3.8 release into Clang/C2 and provided a 64-bit hosted toolset.