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Visual studio updating intellisense

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This tells TDS not to copy that file during the build process.(if you don’t need the file, you could just not include it in the project…just have it sitting on the file system in the project’s directory).

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In order to get Intelli Sense working in the Views:- Now, typically we’re told to have Copy Local set to false for Sitecore DLL references, as it can slow down the build…but here we need it to enable Intelli Sense.Just remember the trick or bookmark it for future and apply the trick whenever you face the intellisense issue in future. If you have come this far, it means that you liked what you are reading.Why not reach little more and connect with me directly on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Linked In.Now, my project has everything it needs for Intelli Sense, and I’m not pushing files to my website that I shouldn’t be. News Just as the Visual Studio team started rolling out the October 2016 Build version 1.7 this week, the team did an about-face with an incremental "recovery build" update that disables Java Script Intelli Sense for the time being.You will notice that the intellisense menu is working again like the one you wanted to see.

I hope that this small post will help you when you face this issue.

Intelli Sense in Visual Studio is a fantastic auto-complete feature that greatly improves your Sitecore development, however I’ve occasionally seen this not working in my MVC solutions.

In particular, I was seeing the following error highlighted around any calls to the @Html.

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This is a common issue that the developer faces after the productivity plugin license expires or the developer uninstalls to install a new set of tool.