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10) Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s physique bulked up considerably between Saved By The Bell and its spin-off, Saved By The Bell: The College Years, leading to public suspicion of his use of steroids.Although people, that could have just been some majorly delayed puberty.

That show was set in Indiana, but when they moved to high school along with Mr. In 2000, Berkley was involved in a $45 million lawsuit in which a screenwriter, Roger Wilson, sued Leonardo Di Caprio and his friends for allegedly assaulting him when Wilson attempted to defend Berkley from Di Caprio and his friends’ advances.But as for Green and her mom's concerns about him, it sounded as though Voorhies was at first trying to say that her mom seemed to support her when she got married."The support was there, you know, uh, specific as necessary," she said. It's all celebratory so it's a very strong, powerful, ongoing..we carry that through...""He's not [taking advantage of me]," Voorhies said when asked point-blank if that was the case."We're selectively together for all the right reasons."Sitting next to his wife, Green also said that he didn't behave aggressively "enough" to merit the restraining order in place against him.When the show moved to NBC, and the characters moved to high school, they were suddenly living in Pacific Palisades, CA.Today marks the 25th Anniversary since Saved by the Bell aired its first episode, and accoridngly, we thought it fitting to republish these 25 Facts you didn’t know about the cast of Saved by the Bell.However, producers couldn’t get over how much they liked Berkeley, so the part of Jessie Spano was written just for her.

8) Slater and Zack were intended to fight over Kelly, Reggie and Archie style, but Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Mario Lopez had a budding bromance off-set, and producers couldn’t bear to not let their characters be best friends, too.

"I was just aggressive, being...""Powerfully spoken," Voorhies interjected.

Asked what he wanted people to take away after watching their interview, Green offered, "[That] they just understand that we're the same as any other couple out there that's in love, trying to accomplish business together and it's not a scam or way to get money.""Right, the powerful uniting of one active, productive purpose," Voorhies added.

STORY: Jimmy Fallon Sings ' Fresh Prince,' ' Saved by the Bell' in Epic Theme Song Medley "There are things that have traumatized her," her mom, Tricia, told on the heels of several interviews her daughter gave to the magazine, during which Voorhies, 38, would frequently "stop mid-sentence and stare off, often mumbling to herself or to others who weren't there," according to about her "vacant stares and rambling moments," the actress said: "I have a strong spiritual sense.

You caught me in moments of pray [sic]." STORY: Mark-Paul Gosselaar Backpedals on ' Saved by the Bell' Diss Voorhies played Lisa Turtle in While Voorhies has kept a low in recent years -- save for the Yahoo video -- she said she now works in low-budget indies as well as records music and self-publishes books.

A year or two later I started attending hammer-ins at Howard Clark's shop each spring, and I started learning about folder making from R.