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Vz navigator updating location

When you send a Glympse message, your phone number and device location information will be made available to message recipients.

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Based on this information, I have to assume that the “per week” and “per day” pricing options are no longer available. If you are, you can get it by clicking right here: Download The VZ Navigator Application Here.The closest feature that I can seem to find that is similar to a GPS tracking app is called “Place Messaging” that will allow you to update your Facebook status with your current location directly from inside the app.Unlike the popular Google Maps smartphone navigation app, this isn’t a free service.You can find these controls within the application preferences menu.You determine the types of information shared with social networks and other third parties by your use of social networking and messaging features within the VZ Navigator application.The following information provides additional detail about practices that are specific to the Verizon Message Application.

You have the option to create a Verizon Message public profile with a name and an avatar, both of which will be associated with your mobile telephone number.

The Glympse location messaging feature is offered through an agreement with Glympse, Inc.

When you use the Glympse feature, information is collected and used by Verizon and Glympse and use of this information is covered by both the Verizon privacy policy as well as Glympse’s privacy policy.

Today on my pleasure to spend some time introducing you to the Verizon cell phone navigation application which they affectionately call VZ Navigator.

I must admit that when I first started learning about this service, I thought it was a navigation / cell phone tracker service but it quickly became clear that this isn’t the case.

We share certain information about your location and travel speed with third parties that use it to enhance the traffic reporting capabilities of this application.