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Although we were told that we will need about R10 000-00 for spending money, I prefer playing safe and cashed in R15 000-00 instead. All my clothes are packed out in the spare bedroom bed and I have ticked my checklist – everything is there and I am sure there is nothing I could still possibly need to stay warm and comfy.

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After putting this baby through its paces whilst testing it, I finally broke down and got myself the new Nikon D750 camera body . This camera takes the same batteries as the D600 as well as the same two SD cards, a bonus for me as I do not have to spend more money buying different ones again.You are more than welcome to leave comments and generally just enjoy this experience with me by using the comment box below.The islands of the Japanese archipelago have nine forest eco regions, which are home to an enormous diversity of flora & fauna, boasting over 90,000 species of wildlife in incredibly picturesque mountainous countryside. Remember beers cost around R50-R60, a bottle of wine around R300-R400 so it’s quite expensive.US Dollar is the tipping currency of choice, but Yen will also be gladly accepted.Previous guests have paid about US$200 per client for the guide and driver.Just hope nothing happens to me whilst in their country!

Never did I think my nighties would become a problem for this trip.

It is also a small camera and feels light but unfortunately the battery grip of the D600 does not fit on the new D750 body.

I will get myself one when I get to Japan as I have googled them and they cost half the price there.

I also add onto that my tip of USD200 for our guides, bus drivers etc.

and end up with R8000 – R10000 in Yen I’ll take with me.

Amazing hey, because when people think of Japan, they think shopping malls, high-density living and technology. I also suggest taking a little extra for some sweets/snacks or unforeseen expenses such as a lost toothbrush etc. It’s very difficult to pay with credit cards the further you get away from Tokyo and ATM’s don’t always dispense cash from credit cards.