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Watermans gold pencil dating

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This piece also has the "IDEAL' baseball stamped extra piece at the top of the lever slot under the baseball on the top of the lever. It came from a collection that I picked-over in Australia. $580 ITEM #5318: ARIEL KULLOCK'S ARTIST'S RENDERING OF A WATERMAN'S SAFETY IN A HUGE SIZED DEMONSTRATOR CONFIGURATION. Very good condition with minimal number of chips in the finish. $85 ITEM #4923: WATERMANS RED, RIBBED, TRIPLE BAND PENCIL. nice clarity with a tight, 5/8" un-opened verticle stress crack in the cap, not near the lip, band, or clip, noticable only because of the translucent plastic used. Besides the CF pens, hese fit the "Lady" named smaller pens, including the Lady Patricia, but be careful; they won't fit the larger PATRICIAN, which is part of the Le Man line, if you are fortunate enough to have one of those.

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Pencil came with no band but has a small groove near the cap lip. Cap lip has 4 small, tight cracks and the mid-cap section has light crazing. Has fine "WATERMAN"s 100 YEAR PEN" nib and tests out @ .9cc capacity. Since 1883, Waterman Pen continues to be a brand synonymous with quality and style. When he first began selling his pens in a cigar shop at 136 Fulton Street in New York, Waterman routinely sold out of his supply of 36 pens, all he could make in a week.Waterman Pens offer a wide and luxurious selection of Fine Writing pens ranging from beginner to enthusiast models.Most Waterman Pens are made in France, with a few made in the United Kingdom. I've never seen the pencil these fit in, but if you have one, here are some refills for it, along with a cool box.


Near mint condition with original translucent ends.

Waterman collectors have known for years about a very rare version of the 58 with an extra-long cap with a small rectangular watch set into its side.

Waterman offered pens with precious metal overlays from very early on in the company's history.

Not the first, but surely the most popular of the patterns offered was "Filigree" -- not true filigree, which is wirework, but pierced-work, allowing the hard rubber (and on very late examples, celluloid) underneath to show through.

Medium, wet writing, 14K Waterman's IDEAL NEW YORK #6 nib has recently been re-tipped by Greg Minuskin and feels really good when you're writing with it.