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) by the director’s careful notes in advance of the shoot and did not realise that the flatbed truck with me and the furniture and the cameraman would actually be moving. Second Street | San Jose, CA 95113 408-831-3168Maps/Directions TICKET PRICES for Camera 3 Downtown PLEASE NOTE: The Camera Cinemas are not affiliated with Fandango, and not responsible for any incorrect showtimes provided by them.Please check this website, or, for correct times to purchase tickets.× Finding your passion is simple, so ask yourself this: What inspires you?Whatever it is, the College of Arts and Media can help you hone your skills to achieve your dreams.We advise you not to select the 'Remember me' option if your computer may be used by someone under the legal drinking age.

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See here or here for reports from me on those.) Now I think about it, this entire set-up, police and campus safety people included, would have been a perfect entry to the parade!

I’d realised my idea without realising it, if you see what I mean.

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Before it all got started I asked about how exactly I was to unstrap myself if for some reason the flatbed truck burst into flames or something.